A group of ten entrepreneurs established ALMAGRUPO in 1991. The challenge included certain risks, but turned out to be to an unprecedented success in the HVAC and plumbing industry of our country. From the very beginning, our Group grew more and more in terms of members, suppliers, services and management figures, i.e. in business volume. Such sustained growth, including during crisis periods, and is based on always finding the optimal balanced solution for the equation set by the two “customers”, reportedly in opposition, of ALMAGRUPO: distributors and suppliers, by enhancing the benefits for both. In case of the members, this basically means a portfolio with the best value for money at all times and for each business line. To the supplier including its reference in the Group offer, the best solution is to cover up its sale targets, both in terms of product volume and established deadlines. It is also important to reach the distribution and market share goals in the target markets for the year, without forgetting the marginal benefits of scale economies and the administration optimization when dealing with one interlocutor.

ALMAGRUPO reaches its targets, as it passes both exams, with benefits for all parties involved. It is a win-win strategy in which, as well as the so-called mathematical “game theory”, cooperation between parties is the basic tool to reach everyone’s goal, even if they do not necessarily share the same ones. In this 25-year journey, ALMAGRUPO turned out to be a greatly effective tool in a complex environment, which drastically changed and developed. For instance, in the last 25 years great DIY companies arose with an intentionally spread consumer-professional orientation. Not to mention Internet, with its current 5% market share in our industry and its growing trend. To sum up, we can’t forget those parties who did not play a significant role in the sector and are now essential or, on the other hand some of the great parties who are no longer with us or are now irrelevant. ALMAGRUPO successfully adjusted to such changes, partially due to the fact that the set of companies involved are a very good example of the nature of our industry. In addition, our Group are a living and complex organization, they are subject to change and react to both market macro changes and their components own development. This set of nuances and sensitivity is a feature of a horizontal organization, made up of independent members. However and paradoxically, the organization must compete with vertically structured distribution companies. Such a contradictory situation deeply influenced ALMAGRUPO, and generated an extraordinarily innovating culture, with an internal dynamics questioning everything, from the strategy to follow to the validity of the company model itself. Thus, despite being a horizontal organization, we are firmly convinced of its development in the direction of a vertical one as far as its purchasing, general services and corporate image policies are concerned. This does not lead to its own components losing their character, the benefits that their local adaptation entails, or their agility, which is due to its independent decision-making management.

More than 150 distribution points throughout Spain