Almagrupo consists of a total of 40 companies in order to bring together not just warehouse distributors but also buying and selling capacity, competitive conditions and a cooperative spirit in order to offer our customers the best purchasing conditions, all of it backed by the unrivalled quality of our products, advice and support from our distribution network. Covering the whole of Spain, including the Canary and Balearic Islands, and also in Andorra, we have over 157 points-of-sale where you can find the leading brands from the industry’s top manufacturers, as well as our own Cabel brand giving unbeatable value for money:

Wholesalers: they are customers and also shareholders who own the company and expect it to provide them with the most competitive protocols from the best manufacturers. They are companies that specialise in the distribution of heating, air conditioning, plumbing, drainage, flooring and coating and civil engineering appliances.Almagrupo companies are totally customer-driven and have achieved leadership positions in their respective markets. “Think globally, act locally”; that means general strategy and policies for all companies combined with local actions tailored to each situation. In spite of being a horizontal business group, Almagrupo is moving steadily toward verticalisation in its purchasing, general services and corporate image policies, although without losing sight of the personality of each company and the advantages of local adaptation and the flexibility of independent management which significantly expedites decision-making.

Manufacturers: through Almagrupo they can access 40 companies in the industry which make the bulk of their purchases from Almagrupo referenced suppliers. Founded in 1991 as a purchasing group and consisting of 10 members, its initial goal was to negotiate joint aluminium radiator purchases. Twenty years later, Almagrupo now has 150 referenced manufacturers from which member companies make 80% of their purchases. Suppliers are an indispensable partner for Almagrupo which provides them with value in the shape of growing sales in all group companies whose products feature in their business area. The term "win-win" is for us an obligation that is part of what we are all about.

More than 150 distribution points throughout Spain